CPA Accounting Manager

City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Title: CPA Accounting Manager
Category: Finance & Accounting
EmploymentType: Permanent
Staffmax Staffing and Recruiting is assisting our Certified Public Accountant Firm with the hiring of a new or soon-to-graduate CPA up to an including a Senior Manager CPA.
Team and family atmosphere. Long term employees and openings due to retirement and moving out of province. Office of 42 staff, local to Winnipeg
  • Not yet/just graduated: $55-60,000
  • 2 years CPA experience: $90k - 95,000
  • 3+ years CPA experience: $95,000
  • Health and dental spending account
  • Professional fees paid
  • Education upgrading
  • Employee ownership / bonus pool
  • Fun events - travel and exciting Christmas parties
  • Monday- Friday regular office hours
  • WFM options
  • Personal and professional days
  • 3-4 weeks vacation dependant on seniority
  • Laptop and cell phone
Responsibilities and Duties:
  • The Manager will provide feedback, coaching, mentoring, and constructive criticism to team accountants. They will encourage and challenge team members to excel and develop their skills and knowledge.
  • The Manager will define roles and responsibilities, motivate team members, delegate tasks effectively, and manage collaboratively.
  • The Manager will have knowledge of clients’ businesses, processes, and systems. They will have regular meetings with clients and conduct marketing activities to find opportunities to do business with them. The Manager will ensure that clients are aware of all of the firm’s services.
  • The Manager will monitor client engagements from start to finish, manage client expectations, ensure deadlines are met, maintain efficiencies on the job, allocate jobs to the appropriate level of personnel, ensure billing is done quickly, and follow up after billing.
  • The Manager will set realistic goals or targets, consider tax, complexity, and the number of adjusting entries, align plans with firm goals, plan for proper resource allocation, know schedule limitations and availability, coordinate and cooperate with other firm managers and partners, and prioritize and organize client jobs.
  • The Manager will keep up to date with new accounting policies and take professional development courses for both accounting and tax. They will meet CPA Manitoba minimum CPA requirements if designated, volunteer in the community, and join Boards or groups.
  • The Manager will track all engagements under their run, follow up with clients and partners if files are not moving and at risk of missing deadlines, return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion, schedule pre-year-end meetings with review and audit clients to identify issues and do pre-year-end work, keep in regular communication with clients throughout the year, and communicate any potential issues with partners in a timely fashion.
  • The Manager will have excellent time management skills, communicate in a professional manner through oral, written, and listening channels, and be able to effectively manage people by defining roles and responsibilities, motivating, delegating effectively, and managing collaboratively.
  • The Manager will meet minimum time entry requirements, record all marketing touches through the year and aim to meet marketing goals, be proactive and offer help to other managers if they need assistance reviewing files if out of their own client work, participate and contribute in manager meetings, senior CSM meetings, and accounting team meetings, lead subcommittees as asked, and present on accounting/tax topics to the team as requested.
Senior role:
  • In addition to the responsibilities above, the Senior Manager will have direct reports and be responsible for mentoring them. This includes meeting with direct reports for 30 minutes weekly or bi-weekly in a meeting room, asking for feedback from managers and partners on direct reports, helping create and coach in PIP goals, monitoring throughout the year, attending 4 quarterly reviews for direct reports with the Human Resource Manager, and providing feedback to other managers on direct reports.
We thank everyone who applies, only those with the credentials will be contacted.
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