City: Toronto, ON, Canada
Category: Labour, Warehouse & Logistics
EmploymentType: Temp-to-Hire


The primary function of the Receiver & Storeroom Clerk is to receive food and non-food items, and to ensure complete responsibility for the timely arrival and storage of all goods and products.

Time- 9 am to 5pm

Pay Rate- $17.50-$18/hr.

Key Deliverables:

  • Receive food and non food items
  • Create and submit orders to maintain adequate levels of everyday supplies
  • Ensure there is an organized system for reporting all transfers to correct departments/addresses.
  • Identify and correct any discrepancies in items, quantities and pricing when received and report accordingly.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Purchase a variety of paper, plastics, PPE and other products as required for the Company through the company purchase order system.
  • Receive, count, price (spa retail) and sign for all goods and products, making sure that goods meet certain specifications as set out by the Head Chefs, Senior Manager, Spa Services, Senior Manager, Food & Beverage. Reconcile invoice to PO, if supplied Enter invoices into computer, as required
  • Identify any items that may have been damaged or shipped incorrectly and report accordingly.
  • Promptly return or exchange any product that does not meet our specifications or standards.
  • Ensure necessary supplies are picked, transferred, and delivered to Church Street Location. 
  • Unpack and store all goods and products in the appropriate storage area. Ensuring proper rotation based on FIFO/BB
  • Deliver appropriate products & packages to various departments, as required.
  • Conduct and/or assist with monthly inventory count of basement storage area: food items for Bangkok Garden Restaurant, Terrace Restaurant and retail/cabine product for Elmwood Spa.
  • Maintain a ‘current’ computerized list of suppliers and products.
  • Identify and reports any inventory items about to expire to the appropriate manager
  • Check all invoices for accuracy and forward invoices on a weekly basis to the appropriate manager for approval.
  • Coordinate with maintenance any equipment failures or concerns
  • Conduct and record daily fridge temperature (twice daily- morning/afternoon)
  • Monitor staff/delivery entrance for deliveries and security purposes.
  • Maintain clean and clear hallways in accordance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act (OSHA)
  • Ensure that the receiving area including the refrigerators and storage rooms are clean and well maintained.
  • Assist staff with locating and lifting heavy items.
  • Prepare boxes for recycling purposes.
  • Report any security concerns.
  • Assist with other duties as reasonably assigned from time to time.

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • 2-3 years previous experience in a related field
  • Familiar with a computerized receiving inventory control system
  • Should be knowledgeable with Excel and Word
  • Food Handlers Certification/HACCP an asset.
  • WHMIS experience an asset
Physical Effort/Requirements:
  • Works in close contact with products containing seafood, shellfish and nuts e.g. peanuts.
  • Work activities are performed near the worker – requiring near vision for performing reading, using computer.
  • Primarily involves walking, with combining different and varying degrees of bending, lifting, sitting and standing.
  • Must have the ability to climb stairs.
  • Must have upper limb co-ordination – breaking down boxes, stacking inventory (boxes, can goods, dishware, and food stock).
  • Frequent communication with colleagues and/or vendors.
  • Light to heavy activities handling loads from less than 5Kg up to 30 kg.
  • Ability to lift from floor to above head and pull/push more than 50 kg.
  • Occasional (less than 40% of time) lifting from waist to shoulder and from floor to waist. 
  • Rare (less than 20% of time) lifting from shoulder to above head.
  • Regulated inside climate affected by continuous external door use affecting temperature fluctuations.
  • Works within a building where oils are infused into the air (to stimulate senses pertaining to a delightful spa experience).
  • Continuous exposure to extreme temperature, dust and continuous noise.
  • Continuous wearing of protective equipment (gloves).
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